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Custom Solutions

A Custom Solution

Oversized, multisite, unusual or challenging waste baling needs? LSM is here to help, providing fully customised solutions for every type and volume of waste.

How We Help

We work with you to analyse your organisation’s needs, goals and opportunities, then develop a complete baling solution to meet your requirements. We have the ability to customise machines for unique specifications, and we’re experienced in planning large, multisite solutions around the world.

Assess your needs

A member of our team will visit your premises to discuss your needs in detail and assess the limitations and opportunities of the space.

Plan a solution

Based on our site assessment, we plot out which machines will best achieve your waste management and recycling goals, plan a configuration for your locations and scope any customisation necessary.

Analyse Costs

We prepare a detailed cost benefit analysis that compares your current expenditure and the cost of the solution with the estimated savings you can expect.

Build the balers

Our team of experts gets to work in Portlaoise, building and customising machines to your precise specifications.

Install the solution

Your custom solution is installed and thoroughly tested to ensure it meets your requirements.

Train & Support

Users are professionally trained to safely operate the balers, and ongoing support, service and maintenance is always available from LSM and our local distributors.

480 Balers, 10 Countries

JYSK, a Danish home retail chain who operate across 50 countries globally recently signed a deal with LSM.
LSM will be installing and servicing 480 balers across 10 European countries.

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