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From cardboard to plastic, from glass to cans, LSM balers, crushers, presses and
packers consolidate waste quickly and efficiently, every time. That means more
time, energy and capital for you to put into your business.

Main Range

Our most popular balers can help you save time, reduce costs and increase profits.

View Main Range
V5 small baler
Large Range

Our horizontal balers bring high-performance compaction to high-volume sites.

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H50 horizontal baler
Special Purpose

Crushing glass, baling tyres, packing farm waste and more is easy with the right machine.

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LSM G5 Glass crusher

Main Range

Our most popular and versatile selection of waste balers offers quick, economical waste
compaction for low- and medium-volume organisations. With helpful features like integrated bale
kickers, optimal bale sizes, mobility options and much more, LSM main-range machines deliver
power, efficiency and performance that won’t quit.

V5 small baler
V8 baler compactor
V16 small mill size baler
V20X cross ram baler
V50 mill size baler with guillotine door
Compare Machines
bale weight
bale force
cycle time
50–100 kg
5 Tonnes
28 seconds
100–180 kg
8 Tonnes
30 seconds
150–300 kg
16 Tonnes
40 seconds
200–300 kg
25 Tonnes
35 seconds
350–550 kg
50 Tonnes
45 seconds

Large Range

Designed and manufactured for superior performance that lasts, our large range of closed-end
horizontal balers features standard heavy-duty shear bars that cut through even the toughest
materials to help consolidate waste and create more uniform, better compacted bales. With
pressing forces of 50 to 80 tonnes, full bale discharge, 4-wire ties and more, our horizontal balers
provide the power and options you need to optimise high-volume waste compaction and recycling.

H50 horizontal baler
H70 horizontal balers
H80 baler machine
Compare Machines
bale weight
bale force
cycle time
350–550 kg
50 tonnes
40–50 seconds
450–800 kg
70 tonnes
50–60 seconds
500-1,200 Kg
80 tonnes
50–60 seconds

Special Purpose

From glass bottles and hard plastics to tyres and metal drums, our special purpose balers
combine precision engineering with optimum pressing force to efficiently bale, crush, press and
pack all kinds of waste for recycling and removal.

LSM G5 glass crusher

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40% Payload Increase for Bianatt

In Athens, Greece, Bianatt WEEE Recycling uses the LSM H70 to maintain compliance
with EC Directive 2002/96—and increase their payload for recycling by up to 40%.

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