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Waste baler installation improves beverage manufacturer sustainability

  • Customer: Large beverage manufacturer
  • Location: Chile
  • Supplied by: General Trade


This customer is one of the largest beverage manufacturers in Chile. In August 2021, the customer moved its business premises to a new and modern plant in Santiago, Chile. The purpose of the move was to become a more sustainable and eco-friendly business.


Due to the nature of the industry the customer operates in, the business needed a more longer term and sustainable way to recycle its large volumes of waste. The business set an ambitious objective to become waste neutral within one year with the goal of zero waste on its premises.

The business first needed to partner with a recycling plan to manage its waste volumes on a more consistent basis but they required a waste baler to crush and package the waste to ensure movement from business premises was easy and safe.


The customer partnered with a waste management contractor who worked directly with LSM Chile’s distributor General Trade to choose a suitable waste baler for the customers needs.

After gaining a better understanding of the exact requirement, the V8 waste baler was chosen as the most suitable baler, due to the sheer volume of waste the business was building up, two V8 balers were required for this particular customer. The balers can be used simultaneously to get through the waste and make it ready for the recycling centre.

The V8 mid-size baler is versatile and offers value for media volume users who need to process a range of materials including bulky items. The V8 has the footprint of a standard euro pallet and is suitable for bailing cardboard, plastic, textile and paper. The main use of the baler for this customer was for cardboard and plastic material. Below is an image of the V8 waste baler with loaded waste

Cardboard waste baler


The implementation of the two V8 balers on site has allowed the company to work towards its objective of having no waste on site and becoming a more sustainable operation in the process. The customer is extremely happy with the success achieved to date and the company is currently.  Due to the success achieved to date, the company is currently quoting and evaluating  to incorporate more balers for cans, bottles and  200-liter metal drums. Below is an image of staff using the waste baler and the final packed bale ready for the recycling centre.

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