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LSM cardboard waste baler replaces recycling bins for a busy UK wholesaler with positive results

  • Customer: Large food wholesaler
  • Location: Shrewsbury, England
  • Supplier: LSM UK


This customer, a large food wholesaler in the UK was busier than ever. They were using wheelie recycling bins on its floor premises to manage waste on-site in Shrewsbury, England.

However, the business was growing and so too was their waste output. Before reaching out to LSM, the customer was ordering extra wheelie recycling bins which started to take up space in the company’s facility leading to potentially hazardous conditions on site for staff.


Due to the nature of the industry this customer operates in, the business customer needed a longer-term solution as it got busier and the business started to grow, and waste output continued to increase.

The company had never previously used a waste baler before and staff were not familiar on how to operate these machines, but they were aware they needed a waste solution to help manage its growing waste volumes on a more consistent basis and would need to train staff in how best to operate the waste baler.


The customer was filling 8-10 1,100 bins each week just with cardboard and with the growing waste output, they didn’t have enough bins to handle the volume and the existing process was unsustainable. This is when they reached out to LSM UK for an alternative solution

After gaining a better insight into the exact volumes and requirements of the supplier, LSM UK recommended a V8 waste baler as the most suitable baler for this customer’s needs.

The V8 mid-size baler is versatile and offers value for medium volume users who need to process a range of materials including bulky items and cardboard waste. The V8 has the footprint of a standard euro pallet and is suitable for bailing cardboard, plastic, textile and paper. The main use of the baler for this customer was for cardboard and plastic material. A key reason the V8 mid-size baler was chosen is due to its short cycle time of 30’’ and this baler is recommended for food producers, it also has low voltage controls for added safety for staff using the machine.


After the V8 Baler was installed on site, all staff operators were trained in how to utilise the machine. The company now had a more suitable longer-term sustainable strategy in place to deal with its waste output and they were able to remove all the bins from the site which were taking up lots of floor space which help alleviate health and safety issues on site for staff.  Staff morale and process was improved as a result and the company no longer needed extra recycling bins adhoc which they had being doing previously.

Below is an image of the V8 cardboard waste baler on site

Cardboard Waste Baler

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