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If your business generates tyre waste, you’ve probably looked into using a tyre baler to save time, money and space by compacting your tyres. Tyre balers are incredibly useful tools for businesses such as tyre depots, car dismantlers, recycling centres and waste management services; however, the wrong baler could actually end up costing you more money and cause more problems than it solves. This is why it’s so important to find the right baler for your company.

Using the right tyre baler can improve your business’ bottom line by cutting down on labour, consumables and storage space. With maximum compaction and high outputs, our V85 tyre baler is efficient, effective and easy to use, making it the right tool for your business.


A tyre baler with a large filling chamber and press force of up to 85 tonnes allows for more tyres per bale and decreases the amount of time you spend disposing of your waste. The V85 can produce bales that are up to 20% heavier than other balers in its class, generating significant savings over the life of the machine.

Specially designed for high outputs and maximum compaction, the V85 tyre baler can produce 4–6 PAS180 bales per hour, processing 400–500 standard car or light commercial tyres per hour. With this kind of capacity, workers will spend considerably less time on this process than they would with other tyre baling machines.


Using a more efficient and productive machine will also result in considerable savings on other expenditures that may have previously seemed like unavoidable costs.

For instance, by using the V85 you could save per bale on the wire used to strap bales together – if you are processing 30 bales per day, that means significant savings on wire alone.


Baling tyres reduces the storage space required for these materials by approximately 80%, and minimises the space required to transport them by about 60%. This means not only increased facility space, which often leads to higher productivity, but also huge savings on waste collection services.

Because the baled tyres take up significantly less space, you won’t fill up the allocated waste area as quickly – meaning you can go longer between collections. This could potentially reduce the frequency of your collections from once per week to once per month! Bales also take up less space in the collection vehicles, meaning they can remove more of your waste at one time leaving you even more space to use for increasing productivity.


Using a Tyre baler can reduce your environmental impact at multiple points within your company. Not only do balers help to minimise carbon emissions by requiring fewer collections, but they also compact your waste (taking up less space during transport), facilitate cleaner recycling practices and even encourage your own staff to implement more efficient waste management practices.

If you’re in the market for a tyre baling machine, you want equipment that is long-lasting, high-quality, and that will save you time and money. With features such as a 300-litre oil tank that cools the equipment for continuous use, a large filling chamber and multiple options for bale size, the V85 is an essential tool for any facility producing large quantities of waste.

LSM offer a wide range of balers, and we work closely with our customers to ensure their needs are being met with the right equipment. If you think a tyre baler is the right move for your business, contact our team to discuss your options or simply request a quote.


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