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Large horizontal baler helps Arable farming exporter reduces waste transportation costs and improve sustainability standards

  • Customer: Fondomonte South America – waste baler case study
  • Location: Argentina
  • H70 horizontal waste baler supplied by LSM

Customer background

This customer is an Arable farming company that specialises in the production of Alfalfa, Corn and Soybean. Its products are exports from Argentina to many countries around the world.

Their was a large volume of products being exported on site and a visible build up of materials. Types of materials included plastic containers, bottles, drums, packaging, cardboard, baler twine and PP Woven Sleeves and required a heavy duty waste baler to help process the large volume.

The company were having a number of waste management and recycling challenges:

  • Recycling requirement:  As a global exporter there were a lot of associated bi-products, all of which must be recycled and all the materials were not being recycled.
  • Environmental legislation: Local rules, environmental laws and regulations ensured the customer was legally required to send all materials for recycling to comply.
  • High transportation costs: Transportation costs globally have become extremely expensive and the location of the recycling plants was several hundred kilometres away, transporting pressed bales would be far more efficient for the customer due to time, staff and transportation costs involved.
  • Sustainability: The customer’s parent company is driven by ISO standards and sustainability is a major factor in today’s wider business environment. The customer required traceability and accountability of where the recycling material was being delivered to was paramount to ensure business continuity.

The company came to LSM to review their issues and an a in-depth review was undertaken. LSM presented a solution to help rectify the ongoing recycling challenges.

Large horizontal baler – A heavy duty baler perfect for users who export materials

It was evident from the audit that the customer required a heavy duty and powerful baler that was capable of handling very large volumes of waste. The customer needed the waste to be easily and quickly moved transported off site. LSM were able to identify the amount of waste the customer regularly was producing before choosing the correct baler for their needs.

The H70 horizontal waste baler was selected not only due for its ability to process large volumes of difficult material, but the baler helps facilitate optimum container weight for users who export material.

The baler can process weight of 450 – 800 KG. The cycle time of the baler is 50 – 60 seconds and it can crush, press and pack a large ongoing volume of different types of materials quickly –  a perfect solution to this customer’s needs.

 Thanks to the installation of the machine:
  • The customer has slashed their high transportation costs going to and from the recycling plant. With tidy, easy to load pallets the customer is making less long journeys.
  • There has been a marked improvement to their environmental impact, knowing all the recycling material is being recycled and is traceable and accountable. The company’s parent company are pleased with the move.
  • The site is clean, safe and tidy and staff are spending less time moving materials along with the sustainability aspect, this has helped boost overall staff morale.

Untidy materials on the site

Staff loading material into the H70 baler

End result – Pallets of materials ready for recycling 

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