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News at LSM – February 2023

Over the past two years, like many businesses, we have been impacted by supply constraints and occasionally struggled to meet some customer demand, this has been the case on orders of the Special Purpose Machine range, but stock and availability are now at a better level

Here is a reminder of our most popular Special Purpose Machines.

BP1100 – Bin Packer (Also available to work with 660Lt bins)

Safe and efficient, the BP110 reduces the size of large, bulky rubbish by up to 75%, helping users save space and money on the site collection. The machine is ideal for users with increasing volumes of general waste in 1,100 & 660Lt bins. Simple to use and effectively increases bin weights by 2-5 times.

Typical customers include Restaurants, canteens, hotels, nightclubs, schools and businesses that struggle with space.
More details can be found on this link
Video demonstration of the machine

CP205 – Drum Crusher

The CP205 is capable of crushing 205 Lt drums to a fraction of their size, with drum piercing and a liquid collection tank as standard.
Typical customers include Food manufacturing, pharmaceutical plants, general manufacturing, and ingredient suppliers.
More details can be found on this link.
Video demonstration of the machine

CP30 – Can and Oil Filter Press

Featuring a compact design and 8 tonnes of pressing force, the CP30 efficiently crushes steel cans and large oil filters up to 30 litres in size. The machine also comes with a unique liquid retention tank and bin collection system as standard.

Typical Customers: Manufacturing plants, vehicle service centres, large agriculture enterprises and vehicle repair centres.
More details can be found on this link.
Video demonstration of the machine.

V5HD – Can and Bottle Baler

Quick, efficient and easy to use, the V5HD neatly bales aluminium cans and PET bottles for easy recycling. A long stroke cylinder and drop-down front door for ease of filling come as standard with this machine.
Capable of bailing plastic bottles, cartons, drinks cans and various other bulky materials. Comes standard with a long stroke cylinder and drop-down front door for ease of filling.

Typical Customers include Restaurants, pubs, bars and specialised recyclers.
More details can be found on this link.
Video demonstration of the machine.

Baler string

We are able to supply 66 boxes on a euro pallet with 4 in each box totalling 264 spools of baler string. Please contact us for details.

Feature Videos
We continue to add and develop feature and demonstration videos of our vertical baler range which are translated into multiple languages on the LSM YouTube Channel. We have recently added German translations to the page.
Please subscribe to our YouTube channel if you have not done so.

Blog Posts
When pitching to a key account in Europe recently, we noticed that some end users focus just on the headline price and not the lifetime cost of the baler. When choosing a waste baler its important not to forget the ongoing costs such as repairs, staff training and general maintenance. This article looks at how the LSM V5 baler saves the end user money in the long run.
Link to full story.

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