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Recycling baler helps UK customer generate income from its waste output

  • Customer: Large flooring company
  • Location:  United Kingdom


This client is one of the largest independent flooring companies in the UK and delivers products worldwide.  


Before coming to Agecko, a customer of LSM, the client’s waste management involved using large skips and filling a skip with waste twice a week with no segregation of waste. This meant all waste was put in together with no recycling or waste segmentation taking place. The customer is environmentally conscious and wanted to become more sustainable, its waste and transportation costs were also drastically increasing, and they needed a solution.  


Agecko, an LSM customer based in the UK was invited to complete a waste audit. The customer’s general waste costs were spiralling out of control and a longer-term strategy was required. Agecko noticed that if the customer’s waste was segregated at the source they would actually find value in it and the waste if recycled correctly could form another income stream for the business.  

For this reason, it was recommended by Agecko that they installed a small waster baler, a LSM V5 baler and one mid-sized baler, the LSM V16 for the recycling material. The installation of both machines has drastically reduced the amount of general waste and halved transport costs and emissions.  

Versatile, efficient and easy to use, the V5 small baler offers an economical recycling baling solution for small and medium-sized businesses with consistent waste types and amounts. With automatic and manual bale cycles and LSM’s easy-tie system, the V5 makes quick work of cardboard, plastic, textile, paper, polystyrene and food waste. 

The V16 mini mill–size baler is easy to load and operate, and able to consistently produce 250k kg balers year on year, the V16 is the ideal high-capacity baler for compacting a wide range of materials quickly and safely which is why it was recommended for this customer.  

Recycling balers - V5 & V8 on site

Recycling balers – V5 & V16 on site


The V5 was installed to manage plastics while the V16 was installed to manage cardboard, this installation meant a skip was no longer required to deal with the waste and creating a constant flow of waste bales meant the company could sell the bales as recyclables for a rebate, over £300 since the install, turning waste material into a commodity. Not only did this customer offset its waste and transport costs but is now making income from the waste build-up by recycling in a more efficient manner. 

The customer is also happy that site space is no longer taken up by large skips and staff feel more comfortable and safe on the business premises.  This project is ongoing and Agecko continues working with the client to make adjustments and improvements month on month with regular site visits offering segregation, education, toolbox talks and staff training.  

‘In the short time that we has been working with Agecko, we have installed 3 pieces of equipment to catalyse our future plans in sustainability, making our long-term waste management goals achievable’. At present, we have 2 balers and a general waste compactor in our warehouse. So far, this equipment allowed our operations to go from 100% to landfill to 100% waste to energy in just a matter of weeks. The credit here is to the strong partnerships that Agekco builds with its clients and their tenacity toward building a greener future. We have reduced our general waste collections from 2 per week to a maximum of 1 per month, we then bale both plastic and card generating handsome rebates, which also offset costs of waste management. I cannot recommend Debbie and Agecko enough if you are wanting to turn your waste management on its head.’  – Customer, Head of Operations & Projects

Pallet with Plastic

Pallet with recycled Plastic

Pallet with recycled cardboard

Pallet with Plastic & cardboard.

Pallet with recycled cardboard and plastic

Are you ready to see the benefits of a streamlined waste management program? Tell us more about your existing waste management and requirements and we can undertake an audit to see exactly what benefits a waste and recycling baler can bring to your unique circumstances. Get in touch today.

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