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A Guide to Tyre Balers

As a hazardous waste, tyres require special treatment: they’re banned from landfills (in any form) in counties such as the UK and have strict storage requirements when left on premises. Thankfully, it’s not only easy to recycle tyres but there are real business benefits to doing so.

Tyre balers make it easy to manage, store, and transport tyres, even in bulk. Here’s what you need to know as you consider purchasing a tyre baler:

The scrap tyre recycling industry pays businesses like yours for used or waste tyres.
The international trade and transport of used tyres almost doubled between 2014 and 2018.Today in countries such as the UK you can earn as much as £1 in profit per tyre recycled and sent away through broker exports. For tyre stores, car dismantlers, or even waste management companies, it can open up a new revenue stream while also reducing your general waste management costs.

Tyre recycling can take a waste stream and turn it into not only multiple cost-effective materials but also reduces the need for natural resources, like petroleum because they can be converted into fuel.

Baled tyres live a second, third, or even fourth life. Tyre rubber can be used to create new products, like equestrian rubber or astroturf, or even by civil engineers for road foundations, flood control along rivers and coasts, or lining for landfills. Some cement companies also use tyres as fuel. When burnt, tyres can even become tyre-derived fuel (TDF).
Wherever your discarded tyres end up, you’re making a contribution towards reusing the resources we have, creating a more sustainable industry for both businesses and consumers.

If tyre disposal can generate a new income stream, then you want to keep every penny of it. However, tyres are bulky, heavy, and inflexible. Piling them up takes up valuable space on your premises, in vehicles, and in recycling centres.
That’s why many businesses find that a recycling baler can often pay for itself.

Tyre balers help reduce all those costs so you can focus on profit. Not only will you get more money for tyres in baled form, as they’re easier to collect and transport, but you’ll help your waste management partners by doing so.

Tyre balers can also be a means to reduce your company’s environmental impact. Balers can help to minimise carbon emissions by requiring fewer collections (and so reducing vehicle movements), but they can also help to facilitate cleaner recycling practices within the organisation. Building out a recycling plan using a baler in the workplace can also help to encourage your staff to implement more efficient waste management practices on-premises and elsewhere.

Is a tyre baler the right choice for your business? Trusted by top names like Builder Depot and CPL Industries, LSM’s tyre balers can process 400-500 standard car or light commercial tyres per hour. Contact our team today to learn can become an integral part of your waste management strategy.

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