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Waste Baler disposes of sensitive packaging

  • Customer : Tobacco company
  • Location: South Africa
  • V8 waste baler supplied by LSM and installed by LSM’s South African distributor Rokiwaste

Customer background:

This customer needed a Waste Baler to dispose and remove sensitive waste packaging from its business premises. It was imperative for this customer that the waste was shredded and baled in a safe and efficient manner without risk of the packaging re-entering the market.

Problems facing the customer:

  • Sensitive information – The customer needed a solution which was able to bale the waste with minimum fuss.
  • Nature of the waste – Due to the nature of the waste, the customer required the waste to first be shredded and then baled, a two-step process.
  • Training – The customer also required staff to be trained to operate the machines in a safe manner.

Q&A session for on-site staff


The V8 baler was chosen as the most efficient baler after discussing the customers requirement. The V8 mid – size baler can manage bale weight of 100 – 180kg, has bale force of 8 tonnes and has a quick cycle time of just 30 seconds. The baler has the footprint of a standard euro pallet and is suitable for paper which allowed quick transportation from the site.

The baler operates well in an enclosed environment with minimal notice and the clients safety was a priority. LED indicators, integrated door sensors come as standard with the V8 baler and the customer required a very safety and easy to use baler for this particular task.

  • Rokiwaste were able to work with the customer to ensure all waste package was first shredded and then prepared for baling for the LSM V8 machine.
  • LSM and Rokiwaste worked together to ensure the process was managed in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Staff were trained in how to use the baler. A Q&A session was done after the handover and the customers staff found the bale ejection simple and user friendly and were comfortable operating the machine after the training.
  • The waste was then easily prepared to be transported out of the business premises on neat and tidy pallets as shown in the photo below.


This process provides a safe and efficient way for the client to dispose of the packaging, without the risk of the packaging re-entering the market.

Waste Baler sensitive packaging – ready for removal 

Waste Baler sensitive packaging

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