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Waste Baler Installed in Hungarian Superstore Slashes Waste Management Costs


  • Customer: Large retail superstore
  • Location: Hungary
  • V16 waste baler supplied by: LSM Hungary

This customer operates a large retail superstore in Hungary and its waste output was growing. This customer collects high volumes of materials including cardboard, paper and plastic foil. An ongoing challenge for the customer was how best to handle and operate the waste build up which was quickly becoming an issue for the business.

Problems facing the customer:

  • Hazardous: The large amount of waste on the store floor was a potential fire hazard and worker safety became a major issue.
  • High waste management costs: The customer was facing huge waste transport and service costs. The customer needed a longer-term solution due to the sharp rise in transport costs and the sheer volume of waste build up over time.  
  • Ineffective use of workers’ time: Workers had to spend time cleaning due to waste disintegration on the site floor and in the general facility.
  • Environmental impact: All the waste was going to a landfill where no recycling took place which wasn’t environmentally friendly or cost effective. 

A view of the waste issue on site

Due to the ongoing issues, this large retail superstore came to LSM Hungary with a need and required a solution to their ongoing waste challenges. LSM Hungary was tasked with undertaking an audit and presenting a quick and cost-effective solution.  

 An easy to load waste baler  

After the audit, it was clear the supplier needed an easy to operate baler that was suitable for cardboard, plastic, textile, paper and polystyrene to help alleviate the large build-up of waste. With the footprint of a standard euro pallet,  the V16 baler was recommended.  

With a cycle time of 40 seconds, the V16 baler can manage 150 – 300 kg of waste. The baler has a low-voltage user control for additional safety for staff and the ‘Bale Full’ indicator light helps ensure safe operation, perfect for this customer’s needs.

LSM Hungary worked with the customer to choose and install the V16 baler. Once the baler was installed on site, all staff were trained in how to correctly and safely use the machine so they could operate and enjoy the benefits of the V16 waste baler from day 1. 

A closer look at the V16 waste baler

The customer has their V16 waste baler installed and learns how simple and easy it is to operate, with their waste baled at just one touch of a button:

V16 Baler

In operation – staff using the V16 waste baler to recycle waste:

Staff operating V16 Baler

The successful installation and use of the V16 waste baler led to

  • Reduction in waste management costs: By putting a long-term waste solution in place, the customer significantly reduced their waste management spend including ongoing transport and waste costs which was a huge saving exercise for the customer over time.
  • A regular income from selling bales: The customer was producing such large volumes of waste that not only did they reduce their waste management costs, they are now making a profit from the waste by selling 210 – 230 Kg bales of waste on a regular basis. Turning a cost into another revenue stream using the LSM V16 baler. 
  • Environmentally friendly: The installation and ongoing use of the V16 baler has led to less trucks on the road transporting waste. The business has significant reduced their carbon front print and become a more sustainable and eco-friendly operation in the process. The recycling impact was also huge and helped the business conserve resource and better protect the environment.  
  • Boost in staff moral: Staff were no longer required to spend time cleaning waste and they had more time to focus on their job which boosted morale and led to a happier team overall.  

A premises transformed – tidy, clean and safe for staff: 

Hungary - clean site floor

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