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Waste Balers for Improved Recycling: Insights from LSM Hungary Distributor

In the bustling world of waste management where efficiency, sustainability, and reliability are of paramount importance, finding the right baler can make all the difference.  Emese Gödri, co-owner of Zebrapack Hungary Ltd an LSM distributor in Hungary and Eastern Europe, attests to the exceptional quality of LSM balers by sharing her customers’ experiences: 

“LSM machines are more than very good, and our customers achieve outstanding results with them” 

For Emese, the exceptional performance of LSM waste balers and their impact is clear in their ability to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and promote recycling. 


Sharing several bale photos from LSM Hungary’s waste baler clients, Emese highlights that the bales produced weren’t made under artificial conditions to make them look good. These bales showcase the true performance of LSM balers under everyday conditions with various types of waste. Emese adds, “I think each bale speaks for itself.” 

Zebrapack Hungary Ltd is co-owned by both Emese Gödri and Zoltán Udvarhelyi (featured above). 

When asked why they chose to partner with LSM as their waste management machine manufacturer three reasons were given: 

  • Firstly, they appreciate the strong direct relationship with LSM management and the director’s team.  
  • Secondly, LSM’s quick response to market needs, including development and machine improvement, has been invaluable.  
  • Lastly, despite the challenges of their profession, they have experienced an extra positive and cheerful team dynamic while working with LSM.   

Having worked with LSM for several years, Emese and Zoltán have solidified their belief in the quality of LSM machines. Zoltán, the co-owner, CEO, and head of service, often says, “The LSM machines are good, Mesi (Emese’s nickname)!” This statement has become an internal company slogan and represents their confidence in LSM products. 

“The LSM machines are good, Mesi (Emese’s nickname)! ” – Zoltán Udvarhelyi

Emese Gödri captures the essence of what makes LSM balers stand out in the recycling industry — they’re designed for the realities of waste reduction, and their resilience and robustness in face of any challenge is what keeps customers satisfied. 

As you browse the wide variety of LSM balers, remember Emese’s testimonial: when you invest in an LSM machine, you’re not just purchasing a baler, you’re joining an ecosystem firmly committed to efficient waste management and environmental sustainability. 

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