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Waste Balers for the Construction Industry

Selecting the Right Cardboard & Plastic Baler for your Construction Site

Waste management in the construction industry requires careful planning. You not only manage many different waste streams, but those waste streams change during different phases of the project. The volume of waste adds even more complexity: construction generates a third of global waste overall.

The true volume and construction waste is routinely underestimated. However, working with the right waste management partners can help you better manage what comes your way.

Better waste management transforms construction companies

Better waste management can make a huge impact on your construction company’s bottom line. With material costs fluctuating and labour shortages complicated both work and supply chains, you have less room for any waste at all.

By reinvigorating your construction waste management program with tools like cardboard balers and plastic balers, you can:

  • Generate income by sending baled materials for re-use
  • Reduce costs by using cardboard balers to maximise space in skips and reduce movements from site to landfill
  • Benefit from fewer accidents, injuries, and out-of-pocket costs with a cleaner site
  • Boost your environmental performance and get closer to ESG goals
  • Achieve regulatory compliance and manage ever-complex waste management requirements
  • Conserve resources to minimise wasted materials and drive down supply costs

Most popular balers for construction companies

Some of the most commonly used balers in the construction industry include:

Mid-size Cardboard & Plastic Baler (V8)

This waste baler is ideal for small to medium construction sites, where users need to bale materials such as cardboard, plastic, and other types of waste. Bales are created in the same size as a standard euro pallet for easy removal from your construction site.

mid size supermarket baler

Standard Closed-End Horizontal Baler (H50)

A horizontal baler is the perfect choice for larger construction sites, for high volume users who need to bale cardboard, plastic, PET bottles, textile, paper, aluminium and other dry waste. This baler produces super-sized bales, which can be sold as part of a bulk recycling program, turning your construction site waste into revenue.

horizontal waste baler

Mill Size Waste Baler (V50)

This baler handles large volumes of cardboard, plastic, paper, textile, polystyrene and aluminium and is very commonly used on larger construction sites.

grocery store waste baler

Low-Liner Cross-Ram Baler (V20X)

Construction sites can have unique challenges with height and space. This baler is perfect for sites with access issues such as low ceilings, while still providing powerful baling force for cardboard, plastic, paper, textile and other waste types.

mill size baler for grocery store

Is it time to improve your construction site waste management?

Are you ready to improve your waste management approach on your construction site? Tell us more about your requirements and we can undertake an audit of your site to provide you with bespoke recommendations. Contact us today.

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