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Cross-ram waste baler installed in Romania helps clean city streets

Public Utilities Company – Waste baler case study

  • Customer: Public utilities company
  • Location: Romania
  • V20X waste baler supplied by AD STIL – LSM Romania

The customer operates a large public waste service but an ongoing challenge for the customer was how to better handle heavier and more frequent waste.

Dealing with a large quantity of local public waste, the customer required a strong, durable and reliable baler to produce easy to compact and transport waste bales which mostly originated from cardboard, PET, packaging and cans.

Challenges facing the customer:

  • Current Waste Baler not fit for purpose – Existing baler was unreliable and unable to handle the large volumes of waste and press the waste in a effective manner. It was clear that a newer more durable baler was required.
  • Sensitive collection – Due to the nature of the business, the customer was handling and compacting very sensitive public information and needed a solution so that the waste wouldn’t return to the public domain.
  • Untidy and hazardous – The uncompacted waste build up around the business was leading to problems with employee safety.
  • Resource issues – As the customer was operating in the public space, they were facing issues and complaints about the build-up of rubbish in the cities public spaces and needed a quick solution.

AD Stil worked with the customer to understand their challenges and provided a solution to counteract the problems facing them.

The V20X baler was recommended. The baler can handle bale weight of 200 – 300 kg and has a quick cycle time of 35 seconds. The baler has an incredibly powerful cross-ram press and was an ideal solution for this customer’s needs.

In April 2022, AD Stil delivered and installed a new V20X baler.

Outcome – Thanks to the installation of this machine:

  • Fast and easy to handle waste – The new baler is more reliable and allows the customer to baler much heavier waste. The baler is more compact, very easy to operating and transport ensuring the city’s streets are cleaner quicker.
  • Resource savings – with the installation of the baler the customer is able to better manage the collection of recycling waste across the city better. The baler helps ensure the city is clean, saving important resources such as time, space, energy and money. All these benefits have a direct impact on the surrounding areas and the people of Targu Ocna creating and promoting a clear, more sustainable and healthier environment in general.
  • Increased baling capacity – the new baler enables the company to increase its baling capacity by up to 4 times more than the previous baler.
genera view of V20X start up

V20X start up

Full compacted PET bale

Full compacted PET bale

Full compacted PET bale

Full compacted PET bale

Full compacted cardboard bale

Full compacted cardboard bale


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